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Enigmatic ..... amazing ...... unique ..... is the salar salar de Uyuni a magical space of silence that opens the door of Bolivia to the world. The mixture of shades of sunrise or sunset are one of the links to the remote origin of this saline coast that includes white deserts and colored lagoons around 10,000 km2 and at a height of 3600mt snm . where the Uyuni saalr is located and the Eduardo Abaroa reserve is as mystical as it is legendary.

It is believed that millions of years ago it was the bed of a lake called MINCHIN whose waters evaporated giving rise to the salt flat. A place where it is difficult to separate the earth from the sky to get here is like approaching a remote and unexplored world.In the center of this plain is the island of Incahuasi or Isla Pescado a circuit of exceptional characteristics that highlights the desert cacti that cover more 15 meters high.