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Potosi - City(Potosi)

Potosi formerly known as La Villa Imperial de Potosí, is one of the highest cities in the world, located on the slopes of the Cordillera Oriental de los Andes located at different heights in the city: Main square (4,040 meters ) on the rich hill of potosi (4200 meters ) may in some neighborhoods be below 3800 meters on the slope in which the Imperial city of Potosi is built, its history is closely linked to silver, the city is a true chest of relics whose photographs are obligatory presence in the illustrated anthologies of universal art.

Next to the city is Cerro Rico whose history dates back to the years of the Spanish conquest. To visit Potosí is to know part of the history of America, enjoy the city with its colonial buildings and discover the life of the miners of Cerro Rico. Potosí is one of the oldest, most famous and most historic cities in America, known for its waste of wealth, in whose shadow hundreds of churches, residences, palaces and squares emerged, and an unusual boom took on the fine arts between the 17th centuries and XVIII. It became the largest silver production center on the continent and became, in the seventeenth century, the largest city in America. "It's worth a Potosí!" It was a common phrase in colonial times to express the high value of an object.