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Sucre - City(Sucre)

Sucre is the constitutional and historical capital of Bolivia. It currently houses the Supreme Court of Justice and other public bodies. Known as the "White City" because of the color of its colonial buildings. Sucre contains a large part of the history of Bolivian independence, also known as LA CUNA DE LA LIBERTAD AMERICANA, because on May 25, 1809, she was the manager of the first cry of liberty in the continent, where the heroes of American freedom stood out, and From South America. It is located at 2860 m. of height msnm.

It has a mild climate almost all year. Usually, the sky is almost always very blue and in winter you can enjoy a radiant sun. Sucre usually defined as a "colonial" city, has from that period most of its monuments, particularly religious and cultural, such as the House of Liberty, the Metropolitan Cathedral, the San Francisco Xavier University, the Supreme Court of Bolivia and the Archive and National Library. In the streets, fairs and rural villages of its surroundings, complex and colorful fabrics, language, music, religious beliefs, myths, expressions of a culture that remains almost intact can be noticed. From this city, you can access natural and ecological places of great value: a few minutes away is one of the largest cretaceous period parks in the world with impressive dinosaur footprints. Sucre, city of colonial towers and bell towers of beautiful churches, has been declared by UNESCO: Cultural Heritage of Humanity for being the living museum of what was the Spanish colony.