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Colorful Lagoons(Uyuni)

he Eduardo Abaroa Andean Wildlife Reserve where there is much to enjoy among them the Salvador Daly Valley next to the green lagoon in front of the Licancábur volcano . The hot springs is an invitation to receive the warm touch of nature here tourists stop to observe the wildlife where they live and reproduce 3 species of flamingos is the maximum attraction of the colored lagoons. Crossing the desert siloli stands the magnificent stone tree a beautiful natural sculpture carved by the wind. The circuit continues to the northeast of the Siloli desert until it reaches two small towns that are the only ones established within the Eduardo Abaroa reserve near two o'clock are the cave paintings with unrevealed mysteries of a remote and unexplored time.

Tourists interested in the anthropology of millenary culture will find mummies in natural caves in perfect care is a small visit to the dumb witnesses of the past, as a visit to the precincts of past centuries. called the Aymara Mummies very well preserved. Bordering the salt flats on the slopes of the Tunupa volcano, there are towns that continue to preserve the traditional cultivation of royal quinoa, who at that time fed only on this wonderful cereal, now they are part of a tourist journey that brings visitors closer to the different scenarios.