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La Paz - City(La Paz)

Nestled in a canyon of the Bolivian highlands , in front of the majestic snowy Illimani , (eternal and faithful guardian) is one of the 3 most beautiful and mysterious cities in South America and in competition to be one of the 7 most beautiful cities in the world, La city of peace.

Its beauty is based on its imposing historical, colonial and modern constructions . La Paz with its characteristic landscape song, of streams, craters and obelisks is a city endowed with history, traditions and natural beauty, mythical city, magical, mysterious, colorful, and above all, welcoming the visitor, is the complete representation of a cosmopolitan, multi-ethnic and multicultural city, The city of La Paz is the highest seat of government in the world located at 3600 masl Administrative capital of Bolivia. "The city that touches the sky" other than being the political, economic and cultural center of Bolivia is a true Andean metropolis. A beautiful and vibrant city, nestled between cliffs and mountains, full of contrasts and culture, all its corners, streets, ups and downs invited us to explore it.