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Tiwanacu(La Paz)

If there is a tourist attraction of a cultural nature, which stands out above the others in Bolivia is the Tiwanaku Citadel that is located west and 70 kilometers from the city of La Paz at 3,900 meters above sea level, a city in ruins the day today dating back more than two millennia, from the time before the Greeks. A culture that was born in the 1500s before Christ and ended in its heyday the 1200s after Christ. For its remains of stone block constructions of palaces, temples, Pyramids, statues built in 5, 10, 20 tons in one piece such as the Bennett monolith ( pachamama ), Ponce, friar, the great gate of the sun among others, Tiwanaku It must have been an important pre-Columbian city, according to coincident studies by several specialists and evidence of vestiges found in the excavations.

This culture was the administrative, religious, economic, political capital city of the aboriginal peoples of South America. It is said that he was abandoned following a cataclysm that would have destroyed this civilization. And today we can visit it and fully enjoy its architecture, engineering, mathematics, the great knowledge of the Andean astronomy of this Pre-Inca culture.