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64 kilometers from the city of Sucre, Tarabuco is the center of the Yampara culture called The Quechua Nation in Bolivia, its inhabitants preserve the traditions and customs of yesteryear. Where there is a delicious folklore manifested in music, musical instruments, dances, clothing and even " ritual duels " between communities. A

colorful fair takes place every Sunday where Yamparaes families arrive from their rural communities to Tarabuco Square to expose their products to the market where they exchange food, agricultural products, clothing, animals and others, Another unique attraction of the population is the dance of the " pujllay ", it is pentatonic and is performed with aerophones such as the " Tokoro " and " pinkillos " native instruments. Tarabuco is undoubtedly a place without equal intact to the passage of time full of traditions and culture that can not be missed.