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Samaipata(Santa Cruz)

Samaipata is a sunny population of the valleys of Bolivia that is located in the middle of the mountains 120 km from the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra at 1650 meters above sea level Samaipata which in Quechua means "rest in the heights". It has a very pleasant climate and lush vegetation and maintains a picturesque colonial architecture. to 6 kilometers from town is the Samaipata, which is a gigantic one - piece stone carved with zoomorphic figures (250 x 60 meters) located on top of a hill.

The fort of Samaipata was apparently a ceremonial center and therefore, a place of communication of man with the mythological gods of the Amazonian Andean cultures (pre Inca and Inca) especially its location also allowed him to fulfill an astronomical function and could have been a place mercy by agricultural cycles. It is currently known as a tourist, cultural and archaeological center of great importance in Santa Cruz. Therefore, it has been declared "Cultural Heritage of Humanity" by UNESCO. Samaipata is an excellent adventure, cultural, landscape, archeological destination in Santa Cruz.