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Amboro Park(Santa Cruz)

The Amboró National Park offers the wonderful spectacle of its natural beauty, is located in the department of Santa Cruz, very close to the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, covers an area of 637,600 hectares and its height ranges between 300 and 3,200 meters above sea level, it is an area of exceptional biodiversity due to its meeting point between the four main biogeographical regions of Santa Cruz: The Southeast of the Amazon, the west of the Brazilian shield, the north of the Chaco, and the very diverse Subtropical and temperate forests of the Bolivian Andean mountains. This park has climatic diversity, creating several ecosystems in which 540 species of birds and 120 species of mammals coexist.

We can also appreciate jaguars, pumas, deer, antas, monkeys, wild cats and reptiles, etc. One of the unique species that is found in this park and is in extinction is the gold tuft turkey. It is also the habitat of the jucumarí bear that is found only in this area of America. A place of enchanting contrasts, so you can define the Amboró National Park, it is an ecological masterpiece of flora and fauna, as well as rivers and streams, which form waterfalls, forming a natural landscape of prodigious beauty.