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Misiones Jesuíticas(Santa Cruz)

The Jesuit missions of Bolivia or reductions are the testimony of the missionary work of the Jesuits were missionary peoples founded by the Society of Jesus with the purpose of evangelizing the region, are located northeast of Bolivia, more than 200 km from the city from Santa Cruz.

Its buildings between 1691 and 1760, arouse admiration and interest to those who visit them for the architecture of their mestizo baroque-style temples, where their paintings stand out, splendid golden altars, colossal columns carved in wood and a variety of beautiful carvings that adorn the altarpieces and pulpits as well as a wealth of baroque music, composed and executed in the missions, whose scores constitute a unique collection in America. The high artistic level and the deep meaning of his works have motivated UNESCO to declare the Jesuit Missions as Cultural Heritage of Humanity. After 300 years ago, the Jesuit Missions in Bolivia are the only ones that still exist in South America. San José, Santa Ana, San Rafael, San Miguel, San Ignacio, Concepción and San Javier, are seven of the ten Chiquitanas populations that until today have been able to preserve the missionary constructions.