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Jungle(Madidi Park)

Madidi National Park stands out for having lush vegetation made up of large trees, epiphytic plants, ferns, lianas, orchids and a rich variety of fauna. It is characterized by being one of the parks with more biodiversity in the world, it also has different ecological floors since it goes from perpetual clouds to the Amazonian plain and housing community ethnic groups in its territory.

Because of its enormous environmental quality, it generates significant economic benefits to its region through conservation and eco-tourism. The great heterogeneity of habitats determines the presence of a great variety of plant species, 4,838 species of vascular plants have been recorded, but the total flora of the area is estimated at about 5,000 species. The fauna of the park responds with similar diversity patterns, there are 1,370 species of registered vertebrates, it is estimated that future studies will reveal the presence of 600 more species.