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Death Road(La Paz)

“The most dangerous road in the world”, is a road of approximately 80 km of extension from the city of La Paz until its arrival or 65 Kilometers from the summit where the adventure begins, This road that was built by Paraguayan prisoners during the War del Chaco (Bolivia Paraguay) in the 1930s. It is one of the few routes that connect the Amazon rainforest with the city of La Paz in a place where the Andes and the Bolivian Amazon merge between snowfall, waterfalls, cliffs and an imposing vegetation.

This road becomes legendary due to its steep slopes, very sharp curves, with a width of only one lane (with only 3 meters in some places) the lack of guardrails next to rain and fog, which significantly decrease visibility and flat busbars with loose stones make it even more exciting to travel the day today in motorized trolley tourist (as this road is free circulation for cars tourist ) driving less than 30 miles per hour down the vehicle from time to time, Walking a little to enjoy even more the landscape of mountains, waterfalls, slopes, vegetation , agriculture of the people who sow and harvest the coca leaf next to the coffee plantations is another additional attraction.