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Nov 10 (Aniversary)

Located in the southwest of the country, the department is one of the richest in tourist sites in the region. In the city, it is located at the foot of Cerro Rico (Sumaj Orcko) at more than 4,000 m.a.s.l., its history is closely linked to silver. In 1650, Potosí was the most populous city in the world with about 160,000 inhabitants; more than London, Paris or Madrid, given the generosity of the imposing Cerro Rico de Potosí that housed inside the most coveted silver veins in the world, whose production could have built a bridge between Potosí and Madrid.

Cerro Rico - Potosí

In 1987, Potosí was declared by UNESCO Cultural Heritage of Humanity; this city remains intact, not only in its architecture, but also in what the presence of native cultures means; In its landscape the imposing Cerro Rico stands out in combination with the set of buildings, churches and towers with roofs characteristic of the colonial era.

Worth a Potosí !, phrase that was in vogue in 16th-century Europe, has its origin in the Imperial Villa of Potosí and endures to this day thanks to its monuments, museums and buildings.