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Jul 11 (Aniversary)

Located to the southwest of Bolivia, “El Salar de Uyuni” is the largest in the world. This semi-desert and volcanic land region contains in its interior resources of great economic importance such as the reserve of 9 million tons of lithium and other minerals; and landscapes of extraordinary natural beauty. The Salar and the Lagoons Colorada, Verde, Amarilla and Celeste are its best exponents and their names are attributed to the different shades of colors they show.

Salar de Uyuni

In addition there are rock formations, volcanic wells and spectacular geysers, which date the visitor back to the time of the formation of the earth.

Driving in the middle of this salt lake is an extraordinary experience, especially during winter, when the intense blue of the sky contrasts with the bright white of the salt crust. When the weather is cloudy, the “White - out” effect is produced, where the horizon fades until it disappears, making it impossible to differentiate the earth from the sky.