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May 25 (Aniversary)

Located south of the country, Chuquisaca encompasses Sucre which is the constitutional capital of Bolivia and capital of the department. Sucre summarizes the history of colonial Bolivia, from its earliest origins.

Place 25 de Mayo - Sucre

Sucre follows the checkerboard plan, common in colonial cities, with a network of squares, gardens and parks that give great harmony to the urban complex. It is one of the best preserved cities of Hispanic architecture in America, with cobbled streets, granite-carved fountains, old churches, roofed houses with clay tiles sprinkled with lime and white walls, characteristic of colonial design. Thus, it is called the white city of America, which treasures heritage, stately architecture, conservative of its colonial vision, which has allowed it to be declared by UNESCO as Cultural Heritage of Humanity, for being a living museum of what was Spanish colonial life.