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Feb 10 (Aniversary)

The city of Oruro is the capital of the Cercado province, is located in the northeastern part of the Department, has a territorial extension of 5009 square kilometers and has a great variety of natural, cultural and tourist resources.

Virgin of the Socavón - Oruro City

Currently, the city of Oruro is considered the capital of Bolivian folklore, since there is celebrated every year one of the most colorful carnivals and full of traditions of America, which translates into a magical pagan - religious fusion, thus constituting a tourist attraction of unique characteristics that annually the visit of national and foreign tourists generates.

The folk groups that participate in the carnival entrance are organized in fraternities, many of which already have more than 50 years of tradition. His characteristic dance is the Diablada, which is a mixture of Andean traditions and Catholic influences. The cultural, natural, historical and ethnographic wealth of this city makes Oruro an important tourist destination that shows the authenticity of our Bolivian land.